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Three Tactics to Earn Local News Coverage

Local news coverage can be extremely effective in building awareness and reaching new prospects. Let’s take a look at building relationships with journalists and other key members of your community in order to secure valuable press coverage for your business.

1 Introduce Yourself

Make the effort to introduce yourself and your business to local reporters and bloggers, without necessarily asking for press coverage. Let them know who you are, what you do and consider inviting them for a tour of your business. Read their columns and watch their broadcasts to create more targeted pitches. The effort will pay off when they recognize your name in their inboxes.

2 Get Involved in the Community

Get your business involved with other local organizations - think schools, museums, charities and nonprofits. Participate in or sponsor community causes and events to spread goodwill, brand awareness and maybe attract media attention. When participating in local activities, share what you’re doing via news releases, blog posts and social channels to attract local customers to your website.

3 Issue News Releases

In addition to local achievements, reporters are interested in how local businesses are faring on a national level. Issue an online news release for any awards, achievements or national press coverage you earn. As well as sharing your news, this makes your business more visible on search engines. Certain news release services like PRWeb allow you to target your news release geographically to reach local journalists and readers.

Use the tactics above to generate more publicity and attract local customers to your business. For a full range of local marketing tactics that work, download Vocus’s new Local Marketing Guide here for free.

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